REACH Homeschool Experience Days at Great Wolf Lodge - Sept 13th-17th, 2015

The dates that REACH is doing Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg is the 13th to the 17th of Sept.  Rooms are now available for booking.  
Name - REACH Homeschool Experience Days
Code - 0915REACH
Dates - Sept 13th -17th 2015 - no min stay required.Reservation cut-off is Thursday Aug 13th, 2015
Rooms - 135.00 a night plus taxes and fees (Grizzly Bear, Majestic, Loft, Kid Cabin, and Wolf Den)for a total of 174.04Rooms - 125.00 a night  "    " (Family suites) for a total of 162.94
Limited number of rooms available - each room comes with water park passes upto the reserved occupancy of the room...
Call GWL at 1-800-551-9653 or online at North America's Largest Family Indoor Water Park | Plan Your Getaway |  - use booking code 0915REAC or 0915REACH 

 ALL reservations are required to be guaranteed with a 1st night deposit... Cancel fee - if you cancel you will be refunded your deposit less a $40.00 processing fee as longas you cancel more than 72 hr prior to your arrival...   
Great Wolf Lodge is located at549 East Rochambeau DrWilliamsburg, VA 23188. 

AMF Summer bowling program

AMF is offering again FREE bowling for kids 15 and under all summer long.  You get 3 games of bowling everyday.  Shoes are not included.  

New this year parents pay a fee of $39.99 and that gets them upto 4 people age 15 and over that can bowl as well for the whole summer - so if you have 4 it is like 10.00 a person for bowling...

REACH Reading club kick-off is july 31st....

REACH will continue on with it's READING CLUB that is for kids in prek to 12th grade but I have changed it up this year....So kids will start reading August 1st
and read to the 1st of May 2016...At the end of the reading program the kids will have a bowling party and more .. This is where they will win their prizes and etc....

Parents you can read to your child or siblings can read to each other - that counts...

The cost of the reading club is $15.00 per child and that will help me to cover the cost of the reading club.  If you could sign up starting now and to the middle of July that will help me know how many books I will need to kick-off the reading club in August...

So to kickoff the Reading Club we will meet on the 31st of July so that you can pick up their 2 books to start off the club....Each child participating in the Reading Club will get 2 books to take home and keep.  We will meet at Shanes Rib Shack from 2-4pm...  Shane's will partner with us as well for the new year and will offer a coupon to each student that participates.... (I might have a few more businesses that will be giving out coupons or freebies for the kids reading - they are not all finalized yet)

See your email for all the details about the REACH reading club...

Scholastic Math books - Have extra for sale

The Scholastic Math books are in - I know some of you ordered some but have not paid for them yet.  The books are $2.50 each and I have the following available.... These are workbooks and softbound...
Must Know Math - 25 activities to build key skills in 1st grade - 31 pages.

Must Know Math - 25 skill building activities for grades 1-2 (addition and subtraction) - 31 pages"   " -

Key skills in 2nd grade - 31 pages"   "  - 25 skill building - Fractions - 31 pages"   " -

25 skill building for grades 3-4 - 31 pages (Multiply and Division)""  25 activities to build key skills in 3rd grade - 31 pages""  ""

= 4th grade - 31 pages"  "  Problem solving strategies and practice for grades 4-5"""  " -

25 activities for 5th grade - 31 pages"   ' 25 activities for 6th grade - 31 pages.

There are a total of 10 books that you can choose from.... They are 2.50 each - I will mail them and add S&H to your total... I have about 8  to 10 of each of them....SO if you would like any of these books email me at and I will let you know if I have them and if so how much and you can pay me via paypal at or send me a check (Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508) or meet me next week at a REACH event to get yours... 

reach monthly contest - august

Starting in Aug REACH is going to host a one a month Contest for kids of all ages to enter.....I figured this would be fun for the kids.... For Aug our contest is "Book Lover's Day" 

Book Lovers Day encourages you to find a place in the shade to relax with a good book.
Book reading is a great hobby. It's an important one, too. Employers look for it on resumes. Reading is educational, informative, and relaxing. It makes us both smarter, and happier people.Book Lovers Day is a great day to celebrate. Just grab an interesting book, find a quiet, cozy place, and crack open the cover. Celebrating Book Lovers Day in August is pleasurable on the deck, under a shady tree, poolside, or in a cozy hammock. If you fall asleep while reading, that's okay. It's all part of the relaxing benefits of being a book lover.  

So what I would like is for kids to send to me via mail to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508  on a  8 1/2x11 sheet of paper their favorite book, title, the author who wrote it and a short paragraph or two about the book and a short paragraph about the author (also make sure to include on the back kids name, grade and address....This is for kids of all ages... ALL entries are due on the 15th of August 2015..  So you have plenty of time to get it done. 

Then around the 20th of Aug I will draw out 4 names and those 4 winners will get a choice of 2 books from me to keep...   (SO each child that sends it to me will be entered for the drawing) 

Sticker Club for REACH Members ONLY 

We have not done our sticker club in awhile so I would like to start it up again.  The sticker club is for all ages including the adults.  Read below on how it works...
1.  All ages can participate in the sticker club.

2.  You will need to send me 25 sheets of stickers per child participating - please no used or missing ones on a sheet.  (you can find these at the dollar store, craft store and etc)  For ex: you have a sticker pack and it has 3 sheets of stickers - than that is 3 sheets you are sending in....

3.  I will need 5 Self addressed stamped envelopes... I need either 5 - 5x7 manilla eve or 5 legal size mailing env - white ones 9 1/2 x 4 inches. (For the white ones I might have to cut the stickers to make them fit)

4.  You will need to send everything to me at Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508..  (This is 25 sheets of stickers and 5 env)

5.  Make sure that you let me know if the child is a BOY or a GIRL...

.6.  Each month on the 1st of each month I will send them their SASE with 5 different stickers sheets in their env...

7.  Also if you like you can enclose a note of what they like - for ex:  Girls - Lisa likes horses and dogs...(I will try my best to make sure they get some of what they like - the stickers depend on what I have from everyone sending in)

8.  So you will get an env for Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec.Then in Dec we will start all over and go from Jan to May....

9.  Deadline to participate and get everything in is July 25th, 2015... 

children's museum of richmond and surrounding locations - 15 cent special for kids

Every 15th day of every month in 2015, all locations of the Children's Museum of Richmond will admit every child for only 15 cents!

Take advantage of our amazing exhibits and activities that facilitate learning and joy through play. CMoR’s exhibits help children recognize and build on what is familiar and allow them to make new connections between experiences, people and places that surround them.

CMoR’s exhibits are also designed to foster creativity and problem solving!Kids can get in for 15 cents but the adults still have to pay the regular admission price.  So just a heads up - This is good for the Fredericksburg location... 

Riverside Dinner theater - Princess and the pea - Aug 2015

We are all set for the next play at Riverside Dinner Theater in Aug at 10:30am.  The show this month is called "The Princess and the Magic Pea".  I have reserved 40 seats for us... 
In this tuneful musical-comedy version of the Hans Christian Andersen classic, Prince Peter searches for a “true princess” to become his bride and future queen. His kingdom can remain free only while there is a royal king and queen on the throne, but only a very special princess will do, one who can pass the test—to feel a magic pea through a bed piled high with mattresses. Complicating the situation is Zelda, the wicked witch of the forest, who hopes to capture the throne for herself through her black magic. Will Prince Peter be able to distinguish who is the one and only “true princess” for him?

2nd Northern neck homeschool day - Sept 25th - FREE event - but rsvp is required

Mrs. Moore the folks in charge of putting this event on has invited us back again to attend the 2nd Northern Neck History and Culture Day.  Space is limited so make sure you rsvp soon...  Read below for all the details...  Wanda 

Friday, September 25, 2015
Second Northern Neck History and Culture Day

Museums, Historic Sites, and Parks located within and around the Northern Neck region are hosting a Second Northern Neck History and Culture Day  for Home School groups on September 25, 2015 at Menokin Foundation, Warsaw, Virginia located in Richmond County. The museums and parks have  again gathered together to present an array of educational and interactive programs for Home School groups.
Activities include but are not limited to: 18th-century brick-making and construction of brick walls;  blacksmithing;  replica of John Smith’s  Shallop and life cycle of oysters; History of corn; reading, writing and schooling in early America; Indians in the Northern Neck; Children’s Colonial Games; review of original source documents and maps; Golden rule in nature and 18th c. Design; the fabulous Steamboat Era.
There is no fee for the program, but pre-registration is required.  You can download the registration form at or follow the link at
We encourage registering as soon as possible.
Sign-in starts at 9:30 a.m. continuing until noon. Activities go throughout the day 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Please plan to allow a minimum of 3½ -4 hours including lunch to fully enjoy the event. Bring chairs, blankets and your lunch,  bottled water will be available .There will be informational packets at the sign-in table, and each participating site will provide take home items for the students.
Menokin is the 1769 home of Francis Lightfoot Lee, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  A National Historic Landmark, it is the only remaining house of the 7 Virginia signers that is not fully protected and saved. The house is located on 500 acres of pristine riparian forest along the Cat Point Creek and is part of the Captain John Smith water trail. On-site parking is available; we encourage carpooling.  Pets are not permitted at this event. For driving directions and more information visit      

reach averages 30-80 fieldtrips and events each month - once you are a member you will be on our yahoo loop and that is where you will get all the info about our events and more... so i hope you will join us

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Aloha Fun island - every tuesday - show reach membership card get in for 4.00 a person

Spoke with the owners of Aloha Fun Island who are a new business to the Fredburg area that is near the Sheetz on Fall Hill Rd near Central Park...and they would love to have us come and check them out and have a FUN DAY every Tuesday from 10-5pm.  So you can come anytime.  The cost is $4.00 per person for ages 1 and up - they have stuff for all ages.  Older kids can play xbox games and etc..The normal cost is $8.00 and they are offering us a special rate of $4.00 per child - parents are free to attend.. They will offer free coffee for parents and you can bring in a lunch if you like - no pizza they said - they do sell food (pizza and drinks) if you are interested... Also they have free wifi....

So mark your calendar to come out and visit them and let the kids run and play while you meet other homeschooled moms.  Bring your laptop and do some work as well if you like - bring lunch or eat there.
Clean socks are required for everyone entering Play area.Kids up to age of 18 years old are allowed in the play area.

Address is :3451 Fall Hill Ave Fredericksburg    VA 22401 

Forest Park High school’s 15th Annual Tiny Tots Musical Performance 

Hello Educators! You and your students are invited to join FP High School’s Wind Ensemble for the 15th Annual Tiny Tots Musical Performance.  It is very important for young children to get acquainted with musical instruments and have positive experiences with music in their young lives so that they may also experience the joys that we have had with music.You have 2 performances from which to choose

Tuesday, December 1st - 10:00 am

Wednesday, December 2nd - 10:00 am

Popular music from TV and movies performed by FP Virginia Honor Award winning band,  The Wind Ensemble Guest appearances by favorite characters in costume, including Elsa from Disney’s, “Frozen” 

If you would like to go I need you to email me at and let me know which date and how many kids and adults attending - pymt is $3.50 a person... Please send your ck payable to REACH to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508 by the 5th of Sept 2015.... 

Group order - DVD 

Become an eyewitness to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. This stirring 2-hour film will bring the Founding Fathers to life as you witness the struggles and the miracles that produced the Constitution of the United States and the freest nation on earth.Filmed on location at Independence Hall; Williamsburg, Virginia; and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America became a nation. It is exciting drama of the best kind-fact, rather than fiction. "It brings the history books to life," writes one reviewer. "Dramatically moving, and visually handsome," says another. Officially recognized by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, who cited the film as being "of exceptional merit."

If you would like one or more copies email me at - pymt is due in full by the 5th of Aug.  Please send your pymt to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508....Please make check payable to REACH....or if you are doing paypal please send to Friends and family and if you are using a cc please add 3.5% to your total as paypal will charge me a address is (make sure in the memo you put what it is for)
If you want them mailed to you please add another $2.50 for S&H cost.... 

Words for the wise homeschool bookstore closing in fredericksburg.....

Words for the Wise homeschool bookstore will be closing.... Jenny has been running it for 5 yrs now... She is doing a sale right now and she is offering 50-75% off of educational books and curricula...(some restrictions might apply)...
Her store is located at 615 Caroline St, Fredburg VA
So make sure to stop in and see what she has available...
Thanks Jenny for running this bookstore for the homeschoolers for the last 5 yrs.. 

REACH Back to school party - august 14th - amf bowling alley

The Back to School party is set for Aug 14th at the AMF Bowling alley in Fredericksburg from 12-4pm.. At this time you will be able to sign up for fieldtrips for the upcoming school year...I recommend that you bring your calendar, pen, and checkbook or cc....alot of fieldtrips have to be prepaid in advance.  
Also that day the AMF Bowling alley is offering bowling for all bowlers from 12-4 pm unlimited for $8.15 a person.  Pay the bowling alley directly....This way you can bowl and sign-up for fieldtrips or let your kids bowl while you do the sign-ups.   
THIS event is one of REACH's big event so please be aware of that we usually back the bowling alley full that day....
How it works....Come early around 11:30am or so - at noon we open the area up for you to look at the fieldtrips..  They are all on clipboards.  The info about the event is on the sheet - you will be given a fieldtrip form which you will fill out and if you sign up on the clipboard you need to make sure that you put it on your sheet as well.,  Then at the end when you are done bring the sheet to the check out area, pay and I will keep a copy and you get to keep a copy.  
Also looking for volunteers to help with set-up on Thursday night (6-8pm) and workers on Friday from 10-1 and 1-4pm or all day. If you can help me out email me at and let me know which date and time you can work.
Now if you cannot make the 14th don't panic as I do list the fieldtrips that are still available on the email loop and I am always adding new things daily as you have lot to choose from - I try to avg 30-80 fieldtrips and events each month...
ALSO if you know someone that might want to join REACH bring them along or have them visit the REACH website to join...
ALSO at this event I will give you your membership cards for this upcoming year..  Just got them in...
Thanks.  I will see you on the 14th of Aug 


Our Goal

REACH's goal is to offer meaningful and educational opportunities for all homeschoolers in the Virginia area. REACH is Christian-led, but is open to all regardless of religion, race or politics. We are a very active group that participates in many field-trips and workshops for children of all ages.


REACH covers Orange, Culpeper, Madison, Greene Co, Charlottesville, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, King George, Caroline County, PWC, Warrenton, Manassas, Haymarket, Sumerduck, Remington, Dumfries, Woodbridge, Leesburg, Springfield, Fairfax, Reston, Herndon, Chantilly, Richmond, Caroline, Midlothian, Williamsburg, Colonial Beach, Glen Allen, Staunton, Winchester, DC, Maryland, and more.


REACH has a subscription fee of $36.00 per family per calendar year . The subscription includes monthly newsletters and all of the REACH emails. Membership cost is $36.00 for August to June 2016. In March membership drops to $20.00 and that runs to the end of June 2016.  

I will be accepting new memberships for 2015-2016 starting in April of 2015.  Your membership for next year will run from Aug to June of 2016.   

What We Do

Our events include:

  • Bowling League,  Homeschool Soccer
  • Reading Club, Community Book Giveaway
  • RHO Honor Society, National Beta Club
  • Math Counts, Science Olympiad
  • Destination Imagination
  • Graduation for Pre-K,  8th Graders, Kindergarten, and Seniors
  • Homecoming, Valentines Dance and Prom
  • Great Wolf Lodge,  Colonial Williamsburg, Ripley's Museum
  • Broadway shows in Richmond
  • Marine Biology overseas fieldtrip in 2016
  • Lego, Crochet, Stamp Club, American Girl, Film Making Club
  • Drama 1 and Drama 2
  • EFK, Mad Science
  • Shane's Family Fun Nights and Aloha Fun Days
  • Valentine's, Easter, End of School, Back to School, Harvest, and Christmas Parties
  • Contests, Art classes
  • Linda Bailey Nature Classes
  • Spanish,  Portuguese classes
  • Speakers and author book signings
  • Yearbook, School Pictures
  • Mythology Exam, Scripps Spelling Bee
  • Plays, Disney on Ice
  • Circus,  Harlem Globetrotters
  • Book club, teen literature, and writing club,
  • Ihop Family Nights and Pancake workshops
  • History 101 classes, Lake Anna classes
  • Tons of field-trips
  • Potomac Nationals Reading Club
  • VA Opera show/Nutcracker
  • REACH Family Fun Day picnic
  • And so much more - we avg 30-80 events each month......


To join REACH fill out the form below. Membership cost is $36.00 for August 2015 to June 2016. In March membership drops to $20.00.
Have questions? Contact me

Your Name

Your Email

Your Phone

Years Homeschooling




Zip Code

Names and Grades of Children

Select payment method

Dues to REACH are $36.00 per family for the year. Please send your check payable to REACH to:

Wanda Sloper

35451 Wilderness Shores Way

Locust Grove, VA 22508

Pay With Paypal

What REACH Means To Me

REACH is a fantastic resource to the MANY homeschool events that happen across the state of VA, particularly central VA. Wanda is an inexhaustible source of knowledge when it comes to this area and she schedules these fantastic field trips to places I didn't even know existed but that turn out to be gems and fit in so well with whatever we are studying at home. The other thing that is so wonderful is the group rates and discounts that she is able to secure because of the size of our group and because of her background and experience in scheduling these types of things. Even though we live over an hour from Fredricksburg and many of the events scheduled are too far away for us to participate in, we still join every year and it is always worth it. As long as we are homeschooling in this area, we will be members of REACH!

-Mrs. Buckley

The Reach Homeschool Group has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family. The wide range of activities, fieltrips, clubs, and a wide variety of events available to our families and homeschool community is so easily accessible through this group. You just receive the event information, and choose what is best for your family. When I joined back in 2008 after a two year tour in NC where there was a very limited amount of events to participate in, I was thrilled! Did several trips each month, and they were organized, educational and fun. I highly recommend this group. Thanks very much, to Wanda Sloper.

- The Kilhenny Family

We love REACH homeschool group. We have been the members of a couple other homeschool groups that promised a lot and did not deliver. REACH always delivers! We are homeschooling one child who is entering 4th grade. We have been members of REACH since she was in Kindergarten. REACH offers something for every age group. We have taken advantage of many opportunities, including classes REACH offers such as drawing and Mad Science. We have been on numerous local field trips, such as Ferry Farm trips, Leesylvania State Park, and even a tour of a sewage plant! REACH also organizes very affordable overnight family trips several of which we have taken advantage of, such as a trip by train to New York City and a trip to Disney World. As my daughter gets older we are really looking forward to many of the opportunities that REACH offers older children. Really, there is something for everyone. My only fear about REACH is that Wanda will retire before my daughter graduates. It would be a great loss to the homeschooling community.

- Mrs. Shojinga

We moved here 5 years ago and my 3 kids were still in public school. When we decided to homeschool, I was so scared and overwhelmed and unsure of myself. Then, I was introduced to REACH. I had found some direction, advice, opportunities and best of all, friends for children and myself! The field trips and clubs are incredible. The opportunities for learning and stretching and trying new things are endless. Wanda is a fabulous lady and works so hard for this group. I am so blessed to be a 3rd year veteran of REACH! 

Mrs G Spotsy VA 

REACH has been a God-send for us! No one ever said that homeschooling would be an easy journey,
but homeschooling an only child can be frustrating at times. REACH has provided the perfect outlet
for us because of the many field trips, clubs, and activities that are available for my son to participate in. 
He has been able to make several new friends, and enjoy spending time with other kids who in his same
situation. There are so many helpful, friendly, and just overall wonderful people within the REACH community!
We just could not ask for a better group, and we are so thankful to Ms. Wanda for all that she does to 
keep this group going!!! 

Carla and alex marvin

Being a member of REACH allows my family to pick and choose many activities that I enrich our homeschooling. We have gone to plays, a lavender farm and a presentation by Ken Ham about dinosaurs and creation. Without REACH, I would not know that these opportunities exist. Wanda does an excellent job of providing such a wide range of activities that there truly is something for everyone! We are hoping to do more this year, including some service projects. Being relatively new to Virginia, REACH has helped us to explore more of our surrounding areas

- Mrs. Anderson

We joined reach in 2010 after moving here from our 5th duty station in Chesterfield Michigan. We started at Anthony Burns Elmementary in Stafford Virginia  3rd grade which lasted for three months. Due to over crowding and my child being shuffled around like a deck of cards we decided to try moving her to another school but in the process we met a homeschooling group that was Caltholic and tried to fit in but with a Baptist. Back ground we were like fish out of water lol. The person who now I call my extended family Karen Clamenta introduced us to Wanda Via internet and we meet up at the bowling alley and joined immediately after meeting some great families. Most of the families we still hang out with and others we see from time to time at various events. Wanda has been such a blessing in our lives it would take me hours to share but I'll give you just a taste of why she has won my heart. She's kind, funny, intelligent, fair, empathic, sincere, consistent in trying to do her best with all the other things she has going on in her life. I haven't yet caught her off her game in running reach homeschool group. She's not perfect but who is? But I must say she is perfect for reach and she has a gift that many people envy her for I can tell you that lol. My family is over joyed with being a reach family member and hopefully we can remain members until Breanna enters 12 grade in three years. Reach is more than a group  to us, it's our family. Thanks Wanda and Mr. Sloper for doing what God ask of you and that's to love thy neighbor as thyself..

God bless the Blankenship family (Tonya, Brian, Breanna and Ariel